What is a foster home?

A foster home is a temporary living situation for a cat or dog. Our organization heavily relies on foster homes to house a majority of our homeless pets. The foster home will provide food, water, shelter and lots of TLC! The number of animals we can save depends entirely on the number of people who are able to open their homes and hearts to foster a dog in need of a temporary home. This also allows us to find out more about their personality. The foster parents will be able to provide feedback to potential adopter about their temperament and likes/dislikes.

What are the expectations of a foster family for a dog?

Our expectations for fostering a puppy or dog are no different than what we would provide for them in our own homes on a daily basis:

  • A clean and safe environment
  • Providing fresh food, water, and shelter (indoor only!)
  • Provide adequate socialization on a daily basis
  • Closely watch for any new medical changes and immediately alert us of any (ex: “soft” potty, a decrease in playfulness, a decrease in appetite, “icky” eyes)
  • Transporting the puppy/dog to the veterinarian for scheduled vaccinations, surgeries, possible adoptions, etc.

The length of time for fostering a puppy or dog depends on its age and condition. For a puppy, it will be until the time when it can be spayed/neutered and able to be adopted to a permanent home. All dogs and puppies will be expected to remain in an indoor home during fostering. Foster families should also help their puppies learn manners and basic commands; puppies should not learn bad manners (ex: biting, “mouthiness”, excessive jumping).


Please review the following information regarding foster expectations. After you have read through this information, please proceed to our Application.

  • Foster agrees to give the rescued pet food, indoor shelter, and kind and loving care for a limited period of time. Foster agrees to notify Tzu Zoo Rescue immediately if the pet escapes or becomes ill.
  • Foster understands that Tzu Zoo Rescue may not have prior knowledge of the pet’s temperament, and will take due care to protect anyone who may come into contact with the pet from harm.
  • Foster will not seek to hold Tzu Zoo Rescue responsible for damage to property or injury to persons or other animals while foster pet(s) is in the care of Foster.
  • Tzu Zoo Rescue will be financially responsible for any veterinary care it deems necessary for the fostered pet at a veterinarian of Tzu Zoo Rescue’s choice, if prior written approval has been received from Tzu Zoo Rescue, and if the Foster’s neglect or misconduct did not cause the needed care.
  • Foster agrees that any pet fostered by him/her remains the property of Tzu Zoo Rescue and that Foster will not relocate the pet from the primary residence of Foster or dispose of it in any manner without prior written notice and approval of Tzu Zoo Rescue.
  • Foster will return the pet to a Tzu Zoo Rescue representative immediately upon request.
  • If Foster desires to adopt the foster pet, and Tzu Zoo Rescue agrees the adoption is appropriate, Tzu Zoo Rescue will provide an Adoption Agreement to Foster. Foster agrees to sign and return the said contract within 7 days of receiving it, together with said pet’s adoption fee unless other arrangements have been agreed to in writing.